Digital Media Projects

This page contains a variety of projects across 3 digital categories: Video Editing, Audio and Music, and Photo Editing

Video Production

“What Would You Tell Your Freshman Self?” Advice to Incoming Freshmen Video shot and edited by me for Social Media class

“Jump Up Superstar” Music Video Video mashup between My Little Pony The Movie and the Super Mario Odyssey theme.

“Foxy Trailers: The O Positive Gentleman” A trailer created as a thank you to voice actor, Jon Bailey, for providing me with a new studio microphone

“Stop Human Trafficking” Awareness video created for the Visual Rhetoric UMW course

“Just Watch the Road” Anti texting and driving video created for a scholarship


“P.A.L. Christmas Program” Video production assistant for 6 years for the Richmond Police Athletic League


“Just Dance-Lady Pinkie ft. Rainbow Dash” (a My Little Pony vocal mashup)
This was made for fun to practice my video editing and voiceover skills. This took about a week and a half to make and includes a crazy amount of video effects.



“Chaos” A rather morbid Video game demo created using Final Cut Pro. Created for the UMW “Games and Culture” course.


Audio and Music

Senior Project (“Crunchtastic! An Audio Narrative”)

This is my senior Individual Studies project where I wrote, mixed, and voiced all of the charaters in a 30 minute audio story (12 total characters were voiced.) Find the semester-long progress here.

“Digital Dynamite Radio Show!” University Storytelling Project

For this project, I did all of the audio editing (mixing, sound effects, sequencing, ect.)

Digital Dynamite Commercial 

“Remix! Attacking Dubstep at Midnight” Midi Composition Final Project

A sequel to a song I mixed called “Yes! Attacking Writers Block at Dawn”


Photo Editing


“Passage of Time” 



Suicide Prevention Flyer(revised)



GIMP Tutorial (The “Video” Effect)

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