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My name is Amber May, and I’m a graduate from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg,VA . I have been voice acting for nearly 10 years. Some of my traning includes personal voiceover training from voice actors Richard Horvitz and Tony Oliver at Bang Zoom Studios in Burbank. I’ve previously voiced radio commercials for the Star Radio Group for 2 years, and I later completed an internship with Clear Channel Inc., also providing the voice for radio.

While I was in college, my senior thesis was to write, mix, and voice a 30 minute audio story and voice all of the characters. There was a total of 12 characters voiced in the story, which is available on my Voice Acting page under “Crunchtastic”. I was also apart of a children’s audio story called “Where in the Bible”, which I voiced the narrator, the 2 main characters, and assorted background voices. This audio is also available on my Voice Acting page. In my spare time I love to upload cartoon impression videos to my Youtube channel and making kid’s laugh at goofy voices.

Oh right! Did I mention I love to edit video, audio, and photos? Head on over to my Digital Media Projects page to see a few things I’ve done over the years.


On this site I have a couple of blogs that introduce some of my class projects from the University of Mary Washington. Check those out on the “Digital Media Projects” page!



Tara Strong Voicemail




Richard Horvitz




Jim Cummings



Tony Oliver 





John St. John



*Side Note: My pseudonym for most online voiceover projects is Foxy Lee.


2 Responses to About Amber May

  1. it’s been a while since I saw your site, Amber, and BAM! You have done so much. Congratulations in graduating, and I know you will go big time in the field. Very proud of your work and that you are keeping your domain alive.

    • ambermay3 says:

      Heyooooooo! Currently working at Carnival Cruiselines, so not too much time to fiddle with my blog. But hey! I’m keepin the dream alive!!!

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